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accessibility has been implemented to support adaptive technologies including screen readers and text-only browsers.



To navigate through this website please use the menu at the top of the page. You can use the tab key to navigate through the menu links.


Font sizes

You may change the display font size to your preference using your browser, most browsers allow you to change the font size by pressing Ctrl and '+', '-', or '0' to increase, decrease or reset your font size respectively. For browser–specific information, see below:

Internet Explorer users: Select View > Text size, and then your preferred size.

Mozilla Firefox users: Select Tools > Options > Content > Fonts & Colours, and then your chosen size.

Chrome users: Click the spanner icon > Zoom.

Opera users: Select Tools > Preferences > Web pages > Normal font, and then your chosen size.

Safari users: Select Safari > Preferences > Appearance then your chosen font and size.

Note: other browsers may vary.



To conform to W3 accessibility guidelines, cascading style sheets have been used to create the layout of this site. However, the functionality and content are independent of this technology and users may disable the default style sheets to maximise flexibility with font resizing or implement their own style sheets in their browser preferences.

Conformance level

This site is compliant with a minimum accessibility level of WCAG A, including all level 1 checkpoints and additional elements from WCAG AAA priority 2 and 3 checkpoints, together with additional recommendations from the Royal National Institute of the Blind guidelines.


Please visit the W3 accessibility guidelines and RNIB web access centre for more information.

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