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creative process outsourcing


Experience higher productivity, cost benefits, and quality advantages when you integrate our offshore production resources into your workflow.


As your tactical execution partner, we make sure every pixel of every asset gets the love it deserves.


We work behind the scenes so you can shine.

the India opportunity

India is an exciting market.

It’s also a source of talent. 


For universities seeking to stretch

their limited marketing budgets, outsourcing to India offers huge potential. But where to start? 


With operations in the UK and India, IndigoCPO is uniquely qualified to help you capture the cost and operational benefits of outsourcing to India.

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Entrepreneurial Team of the Year 2022

what we do

Our clients trust us with production design, adaptations, roll out, and other high-volume tasks. Their in-house resources focus on core creative activities.

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As tactical execution specialists we offer:

  • Production support from our studio in Mumbai

  • Seamlessly integrated into your workflow

  • Tailored to match your workstyle.


You enjoy the benefits:

  • Ability to manage fluctuations in demand

  • Added scale without overheads

  • Access to hard-to-find resources

  • Extended working day

  • Variable costs


meet with us

We’re co-located in London and Mumbai. Set up a 15-minute chat with us here.

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